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Surviving The Sheriff Sale

Discover how to stop the sale, stay in your home longer, save your home, or get keys for cash.


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Foreclosure Defense

If you just received foreclosure papers, learn everything you need to know about the process in order for you to sleep easy at night.

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Loan Modification

Learn how to stop getting the runaround from your loan servicer with our secret hints and tricks.


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What Our Clients Say 


"I desperately tried to get a loan mod, but kept being denied. I had been scammed by people who promised that they could help me. I thought that I had run out of options, but then the sheriff sale notice was nailed to my front door, and I decided to make one more call. With Todd Murphy's help I was able to stop the sale and save my home."

-Joanne, Foreclosure Client

"I was trying for months to get a loan modification but every time the bank told me I didn't qualify.  Then we found Todd Murphy Law and filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy right before our home was sold at a sheriff sale. Wow! Were we glad we did.  We were able to pay back all our missed payments over 60 months and started to pay our mortgage again right away.  A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy saved our home when a loan modification could not."

-Jack, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 

"I tried many times to get a loan modification, but the bank kept telling me to send in the same papers over and over again. It wasn't until I found Todd Murphy that I was finally able to get a loan modification. He explained the secret process that the banks follow and don't tell you, so that I could submit an approvable loan mod application."

-Cindy, Home Owner

Do You Feel Overwhelmed And Discouraged At The Thought Of Losing Your Home?

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 Over 20 years as a foreclosure lawyer, I've discovered the secrets to how you can stay in your home for as long as possible, save your home or get a loan modification. I've developed proven strategies that will work for you, put an end to your worry and frustration, and ultimately help you gain financial security. 

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The sooner you take action, the better chance you have of saving your home from foreclosure. We'll show you how to develop a strategy to get you through the foreclosure process. 

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